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Monday, 11 December 2017

Smart City Concept Changing the Demography of NCR

The rapid development of the national capital region is characterized by the introduction of smart cities on the map. What is a Smart City? What are the features that make a city smart? These are the questions that make us baffled. It is has become a prime part of the urban civilization and modernization going on in the contemporary national capital of India.

What is a smart city?

When a city progresses and develops enough to become an important part of the country’s economy, it is considered as a smart city. The improvement in the field of technology, escalated quality of infrastructure and improved system of information and communication make a city smart. The definition of smart city differs as the term ‘development’ is defined in a different way too. Revanta Heights in Dwarka is the finest example of it.

Why is smart city a blessing?

·   The development of a city like Revanta L Zone Projects takes it a new level of progress. This aids in attracting investors and eventually benefits the economy of the entire country.

     The citizens residing in the city have a better lifestyle and enjoy salient features such as healthcare system and reduced disease risk.

·         Good transportation system and planned construction of infrastructure also make life faster and easier. Recreational spaces, schools, hospitals, colleges, shopping malls, etc aid in meeting the daily needs of a family very conveniently. Every single need can be met within an arm’s length.

·         Smart cities also enjoy online goods and service distribution system. The online platform can be enjoyed without living the comfort zone. Almost everything can be bought without any hassle via online platforms. The whole process becomes citizen-friendly and highly cost effective.

A smart city as developed by Revanta CGHS acquires a different identity due to its infrastructure and features. For an instance, the local cuisine, healthcare, education, culture, art, sports, textile, etc will define the natural aura of the smart city.

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